2020 Updates

Although I haven’t really launched 2219 Sound as a business yet, I have been keeping busy preparing to do so. 2020 has increased my stay-at-home-dad duties, but I have been trying to complete audio projects as I can. Here is a quick update:

I have completed 17 audiobooks since December as a narrator, editor, and mastering engineer. I am not big on promoting these because none of my books are at all PG. One is a horror trilogy that is quite graphic. A lot of the others are in the erotica category and not under my real name. (If you really want to hear me read NSFW stuff, let me know!) Otherwise, some of these audiobooks are on audible.com and you can search for me there.

I have been working a lot with my friend Vaycay on a couple of albums this year. His second album of 2020 will be coming to me for mastering very soon! I will be promoting those as they launch.

I have been keeping myself entertained by composing electronic soundscape tracks under the name Crepuscule Disquietude. I released one album a few months ago, the next will release on Monday, and a third will be done by December, I hope.

I hope to be moving soon into a new studio space and really launching 2219 Sound. I expect to be working on social distanced projects which means primarily mastering with some mixing and composing thrown in. More on that later!