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2219 Sound’s core business market is in mastering. However, 2219 Sound has been working in all aspects of audio for decades and has been carefully designed to be flexible, comfortable, and creative. No project is too big or too small. No matter where you are in your project, either looking to start basic tracks or needing quality control before your release date, 2219 Sound is ready to provide a professional studio experience and the sound you want. 

Having your tracks become the song that is in your head is what Jeremy does best! Over 25 years of making audio sound its best while meeting all professional standards for streaming, physical media, and audiobooks/podcasts.

Digitization of consumer media (vinyl, cassette, reel-to-reel tape, etc) and digital file restoration and clean-up.

Audiobook Production
Delivering audiobooks from script to broadcast standards! Narration, editing, proofing, sound effects, mixing, and mastering are all done here at 2219 Sound!

Jeremy has almost 30 years of recording experience. From major label projects in million-dollar studios, to indie bands in a home studio, to live concerts in a venue, 2219 Sound has the expertise and experience to bring almost any audio project to life.

Jeremy has been mixing artists for over 25 years in many different genres and on many different budgets.

Sound Design
Whether you need sound effects for an audiobook/podcast or you need effects added to your music project, Jeremy has been doing sound design for over 20 years!

Jeremy has not only released albums of his own electronic compositions, he has also produced beats for hip-hop artists, produced songs for other artists, and provided music beds for commercials.

Jeremy can assist any artist in spoken word or music with audio editing, breath/noise clean-up, and proofing.

Next Steps…

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