Having your tracks become the song that is in your head is what 2219 Sound strives for. Over 25 years of experience, in this final stage of quality control, delivers your songs sounding their best and ready for the media release you want. Let the expertise and mastering tools here at 2219 Sound be your last step before the world hears your music.


With almost 30 years of recording experience, from major label projects in million-dollar studios, to indie bands in a home studio, to live concerts in a venue, 2219 Sound has the expertise and experience to bring almost any audio project to life.


2219 Sound is your place for audiobook production. Whether you need narration, editing, proofing, sound effects, mixing, and/or mastering, 2219 Sound has multiple years of experience delivering audiobooks from script to professional audiobook standards!

2219 Sound is an independent sound studio in Sioux City, Iowa, working to blend creativity and audio engineering to bring your projects to life.

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